Krista Crevtis - GRM Class of Spring 2015

Sarah McNeil - GRM Class of Winter 2016

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What is Government Relations?

Government Relations is a focused and organized activity by an individual, organization, association, or corporation aimed specifically at advancing and protecting the public policy interests of that individual, organization, association, or corporation. Government relations professionals establish long-term relationships with governments and policymakers, while coordinating and supporting their organization’s efforts to shape public policy and regulatory issues.

In the media, and among the general population, government relations is lobbying, and lobbying is government relations. In fact, while all lobbying is government relations, not all government relations is lobbying. GR professionals provide strategic advice, policy analysis, campaign design and management, and other supports for their organizations/clients.


How do I get into GR?

Seneca’s GRM graduate certificate program is the only program of its kind, at any level, in Canada, and is developing professional accreditation GR in Canada.

What can I do with a GR certificate?

Government Relations professionals establish long term relationships with government policy makers and members of specific policy communities. By utilizing a suite of skills, they help shape public policy and regulatory issues to align with the policy interests of their clients or organizations.

Who are GRM applicants?

All GRM applicants have at least a three-year degree/diploma from a recognized post-secondary institution, mostly in the social sciences, but there is no restriction on degree/diploma field for minimum application requirements.