Alumni Stories

Tony Ortins

To be honest, I had no idea what to expect when I entered this program. It sounded great but what exactly was Government Relations and what, exactly, would I be getting out of this program?

It turns out, I got a lot out of this program. The professors in this program are not only experts in this field, with years of experience, they do an excellent job of imparting their knowledge onto us and relating it to real life cases and events. Whether your educational background is in politics, like myself, or in communications or any other field, you will find that Government Relations is a relatable and interesting field that will not only challenge you in unique ways, it will teach, expand and heighten upon a variety of skills that will serve you well once you enter the workforce.

In addition to this, the relationships you build in this program serve an important role in not only getting started in the workforce, but as connections once you enter it as well. These relationships not only include the ones you build with your professors but with other professionals in the field who are always willing to come to the classes as guest speakers to talk about their careers and to offer advise, as well as other students, both present and past, who are in the same position you are.

Finally, this program also provided me with the opportunity to gain experience. An important part of this program is the volunteer placement with a politician. Volunteering with a local politician showed me the benefits of getting involved in politics and, from this experience, I got to meet new people and build relationships and connections with them. I also got the opportunity to experience numerous political issues from different perspectives, while also learning more in dept the day to day workings of a politician and their constituency office.

At the end of the day, this program has prepared me for a career in Government Relations and it has provided me with every opportunity and resource to ensure that I succeed. It has set me up on the path to find success/career and that is all I could ask of it.