Alumni Stories

Chelsea Yantha

My time in the GR program at Seneca was the most rewarding educational experience I could have asked for after 4 years of undergrad. Learning real-world skills from professors who had worked for years in the industry gave us such a unique and useful perspective. In the GR program, we had the opportunity to learn different aspects of government relations and advocacy thoroughly through lectures, case studies, presentations, and special guests seminars. I left feeling like I had a well-rounded understanding of each class that I had taken which can’t always be said for classes I took in my undergraduate degree. The GR program also provided me with the opportunity to land my first “real” job in the industry. If I had tried to break out into GR or anything communications related, I would have had a much harder time entering the work force. I was lucky enough to land my first interview at the Ontario Energy Board in their Consumer Engagement and Policy department and I wouldn’t have been able to experience that and start my career off in such a rewarding role if I had not chosen to apply for GR the year before.