Alumni Stories

Isabel Raupp Pimentel

I was an international student at Seneca with not only a different culture but also a very different background to the other students. I was a broadcast journalist in Brazil for for twenty years before moving to Canada. This wasn’t a barrier, and in fact it helped me to integrate pretty well within the class group and truly take advantage of all the opportunities offered to me. The Government Relations program is dynamic and covers a healthy variety of case studies that help you understand the Canadian guidelines more deeply. In Brazil, this sector is still developing—and has a lot to learn from the Canadian example. As a result, my experience at Seneca helped me to find a job in Brazil very quickly and has helped set me apart from my co-workers. Today, I am a communications strategist for the Health Authority of the State of Espirito Santo in Brazil, a role that also includes having a hand in developing government relations in this area.