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GR Professor Amara Possian’s Campaign of Kindness

Government Relations professor and digital campaign expert Amara Possian has been hard at work spreading kindness and support throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. She started an initiative in her neighbourhood to offer help to those who are vulnerable and may need things like groceries or medication, but can't safely leave their houses to get them. After starting this campaign, it quickly captured media attention and inspired others to do the same. Both professionally and personally, Possian has continued to help others start similar campaigns to help those around them.

Besides helping others with the material goods they may need at this time, Amara also recognized that mental health is just as important to consider at a time like this. She has been diligent in making sure to provide support to her students and reminders to others. These are trying times and the strain on mental health can't be underestimated.

As a professor and a role model, Amara has been a shining representation of the Government Relations program. Both her spirit and dedication are qualities that can't always be taught in the classroom, but can still be passed on to students as she leads by example.


Media Coverage

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Program Shout-outs

Steve Anderson on Twitter

You should apply to this program if you're in Toronto and interested in digital campaign theory and practices. @amarapossian is a pro with real life experience leading some of the most innovative campaigns in recent years with her work at @350Canada and @leadnowca.

Francis Kung on Twitter

I kinda fell into advocacy/campaigning work, and had to build my own skills & instincts with a whole lot of trial-and-error. This kind of program would have been a great foundation. And you get to learn from one of the best!

Brad (Schenck) Caldana on Twitter

Awesome course in Canada on digital in public policy I've been guest lecturing at is opening slots for May. It's a solid master's course in digital campaign/project planning.