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Seneca GRM is fortunate to have been endorsed by the two largest, and most important, government relations/public affairs professional associations in Canada. The Government Relations Institute of Canada (GRIC) and The Public Affairs Association of Canada (PAAC) provide excellent networking opportunities for our students.

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On behalf of the Public Affairs Association of Canada (PAAC), I would like to welcome you to the Seneca Government Relations Program. We wish you well as you begin the next chapter in your academic education. PAAC is the leading forum for representing public affairs professional’s concerns to all levels of government in Canada. We actively engage lobbyist regulators and government ministries in discussion about the rules and regulations governing lobbyist registration and reporting requirements federally, provincially and municipally. In addition, the PAAC hosts conferences, conducts media interviews and submits opinion editorials in an effort to position lobbying as a key and valuable component of the public policy process.

The PAAC, in conjunction with the Government Relations Institute of Canada (GRIC), fully support the program which will help you prepare for a career as a government relations/public affairs professional in the dynamic public policy, political and public affairs environments. This program will provide specialized, practical training that enables you to coordinate and support organizational/client efforts to monitor, analyze and shape government action on existing, and proposed, legislation and regulation. As a student in this program, you will able to obtain the formal training to connect with elected representatives, public servants and political staff at all levels of government in order to advance and support the political and policy interests of your organization/client.

Please accept my best wishes. If our association can ever be of assistance, please don’t hesitate to let me know.



John Capobianco President Public Affairs Association of Canada


On behalf of the Government Relations Institute of Canada, we congratulate those of you looking into Seneca’s superb Government Relations Graduate Certificate program.  We have both experienced first- hand the professional and personal benefits that come from pursuing a career in government relations, and strongly encourage you to consider it for yourself.  For anyone interested in politics, government, current affairs –as well as the multitude of public policy issues swirling around us as Canadians! – a career in government relations has the potential to offer a fascinating and fast-paced path forward. At Seneca, you’ll have access to some of our profession’s most seasoned experts, and the opportunity to learn from and with your peers and friends in the program.

We hope that you have the chance to glean the many exciting opportunities offered by a career in government relations.  Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have questions – we would be glad to chat with you and share more about our experiences.



Philip Cartwright President Government Relations Institute of Canada LinkedIn


Alayne Crawford Vice President Government Relations Institute of Canada LinkedIn

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